Introducing Advance

An interactive learning platform for publishers

Enhance a book in less than a minute

Advance enables the transformation of a print title into an eBook instantly and is literally done at no cost to the publisher or author. Join 80+ publishers who have contributed to Kno's digital library of over 200,000 titles, the largest collection of digital titles on the market.

Engagement is the leading indicator

Kno is dedicated to make learning more engaging for students. That is why the Advance platform was created to provide publishers with powerful, yet easy-to-use tools, to make their content and assessments interactive.

Advance Overview

Kno Ingest

Send us your content and we’ll have it live within days

Bring entire catalogs to life within days at no cost

Kno’s seamless on-boarding ingestion system brings content and meta-content to life and can bring hundreds and thousands of titles to market within days. Any small or large publisher can send us their content and we’ll have it live within days, all at no cost.

Anytime, anywhere interactive content will be available

With Kno Ingest, publisher’s content will be available on the Web, iPad, Android, Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices. Additionally, Publisher’s content will be fully loaded with Kno’s core interactive features like highlighting, notes, bookmarks, journal and pen.

Advance Ingest

Book Enhancer

Add interactivity in less than a minute

Enhance a book in less than a minute

In less than a minute, publishers can update or enhance an eBook with new interactive content. Using Advance’s simple tools, publishers can easily add interactive elements like, video, audio, websites, calculators or simulations to the book.

Break-free from slow and costly publishing cycles

With Advance, publishers can update a title when news happens or new research is available, then instantly push to all users of their digital book worldwide with one simple click. The process of updating titles with interactive content and assessments is no longer cost prohibitive.

Advance Enhance

Kno Assessment

Make static end of chapters come to life

Author questions and assessments instantly

With Kno Assessment, publishers can author questions and assessments or import questions from their current systems. Kno supports multiple types of questions and each question can support student feedback like hints and remediation.

Capture and measure outcomes

Publishers can easily sprinkle questions throughout their books providing immediate feedback to students at the moment they need it most. And through the Kno Me dashboard, students receive instant feedback on their performance.

Advance Assessment

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