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Getting smarter just saved you time

Ever wish your textbook could create flashcards automatically for you? Wish you could get the "A" students' notes directly in your textbook? Wish you could search for answers in your book instantly? Or watch videos and bring external content directly into your book? Wish no more. With over 70 features, Kno goes to work for you.

Kno Platforms for eTextbooks

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Social Sharing. Learning is a social event.

People have always studied together, so why not make it easier? Kno offers two incredible ways to get through the book faster. Not only can you get your friends notes, but you can get your professor's notes, right in your book. Talk about saving some major studying time....

*Available on all platforms

Social Sharing with students

Share and consume content in Kno with your friends. This is the perfect tool to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, by accessing their highlights, sticky notes, and ultimately their drawings, journal and video content. Go ahead, create a study group and see how much time you can save, by using Social Sharing by Kno.

Educators share with students

Professors now can share with their students, colleagues or TAs. Social Sharing for Professors is a great way to share the most important and relevant information. It’s easy and simple and all done through Kno’s Social Sharing tool.

Journal. Your instant, personal study guide

Ever wish there was an instant study guide for your textbook? Wish you could automatically create a study guide from the reading you’ve been doing throughout the term? Welcome to Journal. It’s all your content, in one place.

*Available on iPad, Android, Win 7 and web browsers.

All your hardwork in one place

Instant, automatic and effortless. Journal brings all your work throughout a term into one linked document for you to review.

Fast review, before your exams

You've already highlighted, created sticky notes, and read all the chapters you were told to. Now go back and review all your hard work before the big exam. It’s easy.

Advanced Search. Get the answer, faster

Your textbooks with a more powerful search engine. Search through your books, courses, terms, highlights or notes. Advanced search let’s you find what you are looking for, immediately.

*Available on iPad and Win 7

Search by course or term

Don’t you hate it when you know the exact term you are looking for, but can’t remember where you read it? With Advanced Search, Kno allows you to search across all your courses or terms immediately.

Search by content

Filter your searches to what’s the most important. By searching through your highlights or sticky notes, you can now quickly identify what you’ve already marked as being important. It’s awesome!

Kno Me. Your one-stop, anytime, personal study dashboard.

Kno Me is a personal study dashboard that helps you track your learning engagement for each Kno eTextbook you use. Check in frequently to see near real time stats on your time spent reading, notes added and flashcards mastered. You can even opt-in to share and compare your stats with other classmates (or the best student in the class). Don’t wait until you get your grade to find out how you're doing---get to Kno Me.

*Available on all platforms.

Kno Me Dashboard

The Kno Me dashboard is like a personal learning GPS that helps you understand where you are in your studies and where you need to go next.

Compare with Class

Want to see exactly where you stand? With Kno me, you can opt-in to share your results with your peers and even follow the engagement levels of other classmates.

Smart Links. Challenging topics, made easy

Smart Links delivers instructional video, images and photos directly into your book in the context that makes the most sense. It’s like having a teacher directly in your book for free.

*Available on all platforms

Watch Video

Automatically created

At no extra cost, Kno automatically delivers hundreds of in-context links to videos, web links and interactive modules.

Instantly added

Think there is a link you have to remember? Instantly add it to your textbook using custom smart links and it will never leave your book again.

More features to make studying smarter

With all the interactive features and tools you need, Kno will never underserve your needs. Making studying fun and easy is the core recipe to make you a well-rounded student.

Kno Cloud
Sync. Recover. Anytime.
Anywhere. Never lose or leave your work behind.

Available for all platforms

Flashcards (Watch Video)
Glossary terms are automatically turned into flashcards. Say bye-bye to 3x5 note cards.

Available on iPad, Win 7 and Web

Quiz Me (Watch Video)
Automatically turn any diagram into a multiple choice quiz for easy self-quizzing before tests.

Available on iPad

Pen (Watch Video)
Mark your textbook like you’ve never before. Don’t worry about taking notes in the margin again.

Available on iPad and Android

Dropbox (Watch Video)
Connect directly into your own dropbox and bring everything to your finger tips.

Available on iPad and Android